Veinlite: The Best Vein Illuminator Available

Published: 25th March 2010
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A vein illuminator is a medical professional's best friend. By eliminating guesswork, these devices can make injections safer and more accurate, especially in cases where the patient is a young child or a neonate, and has limbs so small that there isn't any room for error. Veinlite, a product from Texas-based medical equipment supplier TransLite, is vein illuminator with the power, the portability, and the reliability to make it a true asset at your hospital or private practice.

Veinlite comes a variety of models to suit the needs of different kinds of medical professionals. The classic Veinlite is a desktop box with a fiber optic cable, at the end of which is the actual vein illuminator light. This model is a true workhorse, with one-hundred-fifty watts of raw vein illuminator power. Over the years, it has become the gold standard for varicose vein imaging and sclerotherapy. If a patient-any patient-has difficult to find veins, Veinlite classic has the power and flexibility to search those veins out, with a minimum of difficulty.

Veinlite PEDI is a vein illuminator specifically designed for neonate and newborn care. Unlike the Veinlite classic, the Veinlite PEDI is pocket-sized, designed to be used on little arms. To perform its vein illumination, the Veinlite PEDI uses a ring of twelve bright LEDs, which thoroughly illuminate the skin and make obvious any underlying blood vessels. It comes packaged with an innovative neonate attachment, which enables health professionals to easily illuminate even the tiniest of limbs.

The Veinlite EMS is another portable Veinlite brand vein illuminator, but, unlike the Veinlite PEDI, it's designed for use on adults and children, specifically in emergency situations, when vein access is critical. The Veinlite EMS is powered by just two AA batteries, and performs its vein illumination using a ring of 16 LEDs. It fits easily in a pants pocket, and is suitable for use on children or adults.

The Veinlite LED brings vein illuminator portability to entirely new levels. With its small form factor, lithium rechargeable battery and its 24 LED ring, it can illuminate almost as well as any other vein illuminator in the Veinlite series. The Veinlite LED is considered an ideal option for anyone who needs a vein illuminator constantly at the ready. Veinlite LED is considered to be absolutely the best value among the entire Veinlite line. Pound for pound, it might be one of the most powerful pocket vein illuminators on the planet.

Veinlite has been clinically tested to improve vein access in children. Medical professionals have trusted Veinlite for years, and have lavished glowing praise on the product. "I was asked to assist in blood draw from an obese patient after several failed attempts by staff," said a doctor of pediatric emergency medicine. "Using my Veinlite LED, I was able to see a superficial vein in the forearm and access it with first attempt."

Veinlite is a series of vein illuminators invented by Texas-based medical supplier TransLite. For more information, visit

Veinlite LED, Veinlite EMS and Veinlite PEDI are all trademarks of TransLite LLC.

Veinlite is a premier manufacturer and developer of vein finders and illuminators. They create a wide range of devices from pocket packs to industrial sized illuminators. Veinlite is committed to simplifying injection medical procedures.

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